JeVois 1.3 MP Camera For Raspberry Pi, Arduino or PC Via USB

JeVois 1.3 MP Camera hardware extension for Pi, Ambitious American scientist has managed to combine a small camera with a miniaturized computer image analyzing technology in real time. In which areas this hardware is going to find the application?




The ambitious idea of ​​an American scientist

Startup JeVois founded by Dr. Laurent Itti, a titled lecturer at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

JeVois has dimensions of 39 × 31 × 23 mm and can be connected to the platform Raspberry Pi , Arduino or PC. The device is based on Linux and is equipped with a 1.3 MP camera. It uses 4-core processor ARM v7 (1.34 GHz), 2-core Mali 400 GPU and 256 MB of RAM DDR3 (1600 MHz).

Throttling assembly eliminates small fan in the upper part of JeVois. The unit has a microSD card reader (which loads the software), miniUSB and microUSB ports. Device status signals a bi-color LED and power (3.5 W) provides on one of the USB ports. The time required for start-up is just five seconds .

Fluid analysis up to 120 frames/s

After starting JeVois, it reads and analyzes the image from the camera at a speed depending on the selected resolution. With a resolution of 640 × 480 that obtains up to 30 frames/s, but at 176 × 144 up to 120 frames/s. Video algorithm system using the CPU process image from the camera , and send the results via USB to a computer or microcontroller.



Therefore JeVois operates in three modes : sending a picture together with the results via USB (in Development Mode), communicating only lyrically by serial mode (Text-Only Mode) or by sending only the pre-processed image for further analysis more efficient devices (Pre-Processing Mode).

Here along with the camera, the purchaser receives the software created by the manufacturer, that have various options allowing full advantage of JeVois. A freely modifiable and extendable functionality. It's softw allows you to quickly and effectively read QR codes, marks or numbers, and also an analysis of the environment and tracking of sight .

JeVois an appreciated innovation

Finally the idea, which was to develop the programming and analysis on higher education is also a field which is severely lacking in the market. Not only in individual projects based on the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. But also in industry it is getting benefit from similar platforms. Not surprisingly scale response, with which they come into contact Fundraising kickstarter.

The creators JeVois two days before the end of the campaign can count on nearly double the stated aim: designated 50 thousand dollars. Vendors managed to collect over 96 thousand dollars. It has an attractive price of 49 Dollars for a  single device. Shipments to worldwide are expected to begin in March of this year.

Source: Kickstarter

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