ArcheoRov 3D Printed Under Water Swimming Drone With Dual Camera

ArcheoRov An Under Water Swimming Drone. Engineers from the Austrian University of Innsbruck have created a 3D printer ROV hence ArcheoRov . That is a remotely operated underwater vehicle (remote operated underwater vehicle). Archeo Rov, because why it is so called, it is able to swim 100 meters underwater and able to take pictures underwater.



Researchers from the University of Innsbruck in cooperation with Witlab 3D work with the 3D printing of the first created ROV with a 3D printer. ArcheoRov was formed after only 10 weeks of work and design. The equipment is unique insofar as it first comes from the 3D printer and, secondly, is designed for swimming, not floating in one place.

ArcheoRov is a Best Under Water Drone?

Dron is equipped with two cameras, and - when in water - can move so as to catch the images of both sides one for swimming and one as webcam. The machine can position itself so that it can quickly dive and emerge from the water. Thanks to this drone it can carry underwater reconnaissance survey in hard to reach areas, such as shipwrecks and underwater caves.

ArcheoRov because their destiny is a quite compact machine, having two batteries and three 130-watt thrusters. Two points front and may generate 2.36 kg pressure. For now, the vehicle has a maximum draft of up to 100 meters. But a team of researchers says ROV can do more better, which will be able to descend up to 350 meters . The vehicle is useful for sure in the study of marine biology. And i will be easy to analyze environmentalists that the search for persons or objects under water.

This ROV is not on;y a drone for searching, but it will surely help scientist to go more deep inside water. This surely will find much more new parameters and sea crust features that is impossible till now. Because of 3D printer technology it serves best balance and superb swimming technology.


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