KDE Slimbook With KDE Neon OS for Linux Hardware Compatible Applications

It was last year when KDE lovers finds opportunity with Ubuntu operating system so called as KDE Neon. And now big news from KDE and Slimbook launched the KDE Slimbook that will be equipped with pre-installed KDE Neon.

KDE Slimbook

KDE Slimbook

What is special with this KDE SlimBook ?

Well renowned Spanish manufacturer Slimbook has put its proposal to KDE foundation to prepare a laptop that would have ability to have integrated KDE and get tested by KDE developers. The aim is to create such a basic hardware platform on which users will be able to diagnose and detect all problems associated with hardware and may be corrected before the release of next version of its environment.

The main idea behind this prototype is very good, with the collection of KDE applications and running components of its framework will result in defects in operating system and drivers or hardware that are going to be developed. This genuine problem of hardware and software compatibility can be easily handled with this innovative idea of having KDE Neon perfect hardware KDE Slimbook.

KDE Slimbook

KDE Slimbook

Up to now if users have to create application for Linux, that is an open source environment and usually very difficult to fix compatibility issues. Developers usually have to search hard to resolve problems. Spanish Company has made this problem to tackle so easily but launching this laptop with KDE Neon pre-installed on it. By using its standardized hardware it would be much easier to produce software perfectly matching Linux operating system.

However if specific problem cannot be reproduced in KDE Slimbook it means that the specific problem is beyond the scope of this great desktop environment.

Slimbook Company is well known for producing laptops with pre-installed Ubuntu. Company website features its two variants; both have basics installed with KDE Neon so called as Slimbook Classic V2. Its base is integrated with special KDE environment, its quiet elegant, well assembled Ultrabook in aluminum structure. Slimbook KDE is available in two different configurations in terms of processing technology. However users are available with choice of RAM and hard drive capacity. It is available with a SSD capacity of up to 500 GB and can be equipped with a RAM of up to 16 GB.

KDE Slimbook

KDE Slimbook

What are detailed specifications of KDE Slimbook ?

Talking about the first variant of KDE Slimbook , it’s a core i5-6200U processor from Intel. The other variant is from Intel Core i7 6th generation. It is incorporated with Intel graphics card HD 520, 120 GB of SSD with a display matrix of 13.3 inches. Its screen resolution is 1920 x 1080p and two years of warranty is offered by KDE Slimbook. Its price has been set at about 849 Euros for i7 configurations and 729 Euros for i5 configurations.  Both configuration variants are integrated with latest wireless solutions such as Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0. Talking about ports and jacks it is available with two USB 3.0 ports, a mini Ethernet port for adopter, miniHDMI port, SD card reader and a power supply jack for charging. It is equipped with a battery of 6800 mAh.  It also have a backlit keyboard and body is grey colored.

Why Pay So High for KDE Slimbook?

KDE Slimbook can be criticizes in terms of its high price. There are laptops with such hardware configurations with windows 10 even with lower price. However with integrated KDE environment for Linux developers it’s not a bad choice. However it is a great choice if someone is trying to write software at KDE environment. And more precisely this Slimbook KDE is not a usual entertainment laptop; it’s a special purpose laptop with special price. Its pre-order shipment will start from the mid of upcoming March 2017.

Source: SlimBook

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