Chirp Data Over Sound Communication at 60 b/s Detail Specifications

 Chirp data over sound is the new data communication protocol for secure and reliable communications in business.

Modern world communications are carried by electromagnetic waves. But Scientists are working continuously to find other options for communications with parameter specific applications. The continued research lands another opportunity. Latest technology has got so much overwhelmed that natural methods for communications are almost forgotten that is sound for communication. The British Company Chirp (Twitter) has idea to communicate machines using sound. That reverses the natural phenomena of using sound for humans.



On What Technology Chirp Protocol is Based?

The research has been carried out in University college of London and the company itself merged to the team to make this project commercialized. And now this technology has been acquired for well renowned Activision Company which utilizes its protocols in manufacturing of games like Skylanders and Indian Shuttle. Chirp behaves as a sonic barcode. Chirp is a highly reliable data communication protocol which does no require any communication pairing prior sending or receiving of data.

Chirp Sound


What Chirp can offer to its users, it is based on its usage? However this technology cannot be compared with latest technology communication protocols such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. But it offers itself as its own unique features having its own advantages and disadvantages. The basic advantage of communications using Chirp instead of wireless electromagnetic waves is it only uses speaker and microphone for communication; there is no need for internet or local area connection. As air is severed as medium for sound travelling there are no other complexities that make it highly secure communications. There is no danger of getting connected to any other network and makes it safe as compares to electromagnetic and wired communication networks. However this Sound Chirp technology is not as fast as latest communication protocols. Up to now Chirp protocol has ability to send received data at about 50 to 60 Bits per second.

Comparison with Wi-Fi Communications?

By using Chirp protocol a lot of communication constraints can be overcome. Chief scientist of project Daniel Jones talks about the main parts of new technology it has three major elements, data transfer speed,, stability problem and the third one is aesthetics . If you want the sound to be good to hear then there will be lower speed and stability, and if you want good sped then it may be bad hearing of this sound. However if they are going to use sound waves which human ear cannot detect then is the waves that does not belong to audible range of 20 to 20 KHz , then there will be no such problem of hearing good or bad.

Chirp Image


Its communications are not usual communications that company would think to commercialize in personal entertainment and communications. The company knows it’s not up to the standards of personal communications and can be used for quiet limited applications. Therefore they have decided to introduce their technology in business applications. Indian Shuttle has used this technology to inform the devices on the bus that the owner of Smartphone has purchased the ticket. This service cans benefit individuals having cheap phones with no Bluetooth and NFC.

Chirp an Internet of Sound Technology?

It is also tested by developers of IoT (Internet of Things). Just imagine a factory working with thousands of sensors, drones and robots can be just controlled by audio systems. The new sound communication Chirp solution can also be useful where use of radio frequencies is difficult of impossible to implement such as in nuclear power plants and medical laboratories in hospitals.

It cannot be called as advanced technology; however this is still the non-invented technology. Audio is coded and then decoded by microphone to deliver the exact message to other machine. Talking about its range and communication speed it would never become an opponent of latest radio communications. But however in specific emergency conditions, it can be used to replace them accordingly.


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