Hi-Fidelity VR Project Scorpio With 4K Resolution, 320 GB Memory and 6 TFLOPS

Information About Hi-Fidelity VR for Project Scorpio was Shown on Product Promotional Website in featuring bullets. The bullet was removed after some time. This perhaps gives information about Microsoft future plans for extending project Scorpio to high fidelity VR experience along with 4K resolution gaming experience using 6 Teraflops processor. It has 320 GB of memory and has processor with 8 CPU cores.

Project Scorpio Virtual Reality

Project Scorpio

Does Project Scorpio Supports Virtual Reality?

In 2016 when project was in full progress Virtual reality was considered a feature for new console. And now this line high fidelity VR has been removed. This does not necessarily mean that Microsoft has given up on virtual reality experience but it surely shows something is really going on there. And hoping for better the Project Scorpio will have VR supported.

Digital world is famous for its continuous exciting news for technologists. Talking about most popular gaming consoles, Microsoft play station 4 and Nintendo Switch pro are already in news before their launching in market. This time new information have been passed to gaming users about Microsoft’s new gaming console Xbox.

Project Scorpio XBOX

Project Scorpio

This news specifies better features about Microsoft project Scorpio. This information says project Scorpio is not going to utilize usual ESRAM technology, or there will be no use of 32 MB superfast memory processor that was used in XBOX one. However it has always been annoying for developers to cope with fast RAM’s. But thanks to the new technology that make it so easy for developers even for rendering at 1080p. Scorpio has a much better RAM and performs much faster than ESRAM.

Does ESRAM is Replaced with New Technology?

For developers, they still have to make applications compatible to ESRAM because until now Microsoft has not provided game titles exclusive for project Scorpio. However memory ESRAM will still be used in XBOX one, Document also specifies that the new Scorpio GPU will have 6 TFOLPS which is almost 4.5 times greater than GPU in Xbox One. This information is not new, but still they are interesting features of upcoming giant.

VR scorpio

VR Scorpio

Talking about the hardware up gradation, there will be 4 times higher L2 Cache than its predecessor Xbox One. It is also expected that modern family GPU like Polaris architecture will be utilized in Project Scorpio. There is also a feature of graphics enhancement, the new Scorpio will have a support for Color Delta Compression just like as PS4.

Detailed Specifications of Project Scorpio

This video represents the detailed discussions on new features of new project. Head Xbox division Phil Spancer has words, “It’s a great day with team Scorpio, I have played the game with Scorpio and it’s a great experience with this console and I am proud of whole team”.

Source: GameSpot

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