DACBerry ONE 32 Bit Audio For Raspberry Pi and Tinker Board

DACBerry ONE: advanced sound card for Raspberry Pi

It’s time for Raspberry Pi users for enjoying high-definition audio playback. Thanks to the innovative engineers from Spain. Project campaign started long ago on Kickstarter and funded almost as per goals. See what communication protocols are and what sound playback quality improvements are offered in this DACBerry One.

DACBerry One Connected

DACBerry One Connected


Which type of audio jack is available in DACBerry One?
Does it use I2C bus communication protocol?
What maximum sound quality this product can provide?
What would be the price for DACBerry One?

DACBerry One From idea to campaign in half a year

There are professional engineers from company OSA electronics from Barcelona. Before they started DACBerry One, they have search over the market. And finds space in this field. As until now with the broad range of multimedia applications in Raspberry Pi. There is no such device made for quality sound production. That made the idea of getting involved the professional company to do this job.

DACBerry One Pi Connect

DACBerry One Pi Connect

It took almost a half year from idea to a campaign of this product. As described on Kickstarter they are going to start mass production of the device from 19 January 2017 and delivering it worldwide.

Simple installation and unrivaled sound quality

There are two variants of DACBerry One; one is for Raspberry Pi zero with supported models of A+, B+, 2B, and 3B. The thin circuit connects to the Raspberry Pi through a 40 pin connector through the same jack that is for power. At the edge of its printed circuit board, there is 3.5 mm audio jack, optical SPDIF and dual-channel coaxial in and coaxial out ports, these functions with the two pin jumper.

Detailed specifications of DACBerry One are:

In addition, it does not need any power source for getting up. As it powers up using Raspberry Pi board. It's 3.5 mm audio jack is made signal lossless using gold plating on its jack. Also, there are optional Optical TOSLINK and coaxial connectors which can serve for both input and output functionality. This DACBerry One board is compatible with all available Raspberry Pi boards with 40 pin connectors. It is compatible with other boards which support I2S communication protocols. And its design is highly noise immunity with an isolation of digital circuits with analog circuits.

DACBerry One Board

DACBerry One Board

Also, DACBerry One board can communicate with the Raspberry Pi board using I2S standard bus interface. In addition, I2S bus interface is for communication interface for interconnection between peripheral devices. This DACBerry One Board is made with a sound handling capability of up to 384 KHz at 32 Bit sampling rate.

DACBerry One Success at your fingertips

Up to now, DACBerry is just compatible with Raspberry Pi products. But the manufacturer intends to extend this program to make it compatible with more devices. The company aims at providing quality sound while enjoying music or playing games. but they aim for making it an open source project. Also, it looks its manufacturing company is going to take maximum benefits from its mass production as they already have achieved much money in just three days of its launching. DACBerry price is 35 Euro. Which seems a bit higher than expected. Its shipment will start in March of this year.

So, one of the major advantages of this device is that it is compatible with the new Asus Tinker Board. This makes it great fun for new developers which are now acquiring tinker board for their projects because of its high capability hardware than Raspberry Pi.

Source: Kickstarter

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