PlayStation 4 Slim in White Shade


Sony has announced that before the end of this month they will start selling PlayStation 4 Slim in a new color casing. Slim PlayStation 4 will be put in markets for purchase in a new white housing. This new color scheme applies not only to the console but also applied to controller for play station 4. Sony is going to launch play station 4 slim in while color at January 24th.

Sony has published information about new play station 4 on blog. With the new white color PS4 Slim gamers will enjoy new technology with less space required, cool colors and sensible price. Its sale will be started in January 24th. After debut its sale will be started worldwide.

At the moment play station 4 can only be purchased in black color. However the white color variant of play station 4 so called as Glacier White or cold white will also be equipped with the same white color Dual Shock 4 controller. Glacier White variant of PS4 will be sold with a hard disk capacity of 500 GB. However Sony have not yet revealed any other variants of Play station 4 and neither they displayed their future plans.

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