Apple and Zeiss Work Together for New Augmented Reality


Zeiss, which is a well known lens and glass Manufacturer Company is now extending their technology in cooperation with Apple. It is heard that the resulted hardware will be augmented reality AR. The new hardware may be launched later this year 2017 or in early 2018.

This rumor has been spread over internet by a technology expert. Leaked information from unofficial resources at CES 2017 confirms that Zeiss and apple are working together for new prototype. Leaked information says that Zeiss is manufacturing specialized low weight lenses for augmented reality and their product will be launched later this year.

However this is not first time Apple is working for virtual reality and augmented reality. Just after launching snapchat they had announced spectacles glasses. And this time Apple is focusing on optical market and working in combination with Zeiss for creation of something similar to Google Glasses.

There are many favorable speeches on this topic and it is believed that this augmented reality will sooner or later become an integral part of our lives and obviously will have a great impact on optical market.

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