Aivia Google Assistant Wireless Speaker With Qi for Mobiles

Aivia - speaker with Google Assistant (CES 2017)


In CES 2017, an exciting product has been seen in the multimedia platform. That is presenting intelligent speakers Aivia. Its specialty is that it integrates with Google assistant from Google home applications. Aivia is also equipped with a touch panel that has an operating system from Android. This product has received two awards in CES 2017 for innovation category.

1. How is much battery time for Aivia speakers?

2. What sound quality is produced by this speaker?

3. What communication protocols are available for Aivia speakers?

4. What will be the price of a new gadget?

5. When will Aivia Speaker be available to the market for purchasing?

Aivia can watch while held in Las Vegas CES 2017. The device is a speaker with a touchscreen that runs on Android. Unfortunately, its price at the moment is not known.

Aivia speakers can be seen during CES 2017 at Las Vegas at company booth. This new device is an intelligent speaker with a touch matrix run by Android. However, its pricing details are not year revealed by the manufacturing company.

Aivia HD Touch Screen

It has an HD touch screen that allows you to operate it as a tablet. With the integration of Google Assistant provides you the opportunity to control it with voice commands. With the Android operating system, the various application can be installed in this device and the voice control provides you many options such as weather updates and much more. On the other hand, its screen can be used as a time clock or as month calendar at your side table. This intelligent speaker is equipped with a battery of capacity of 10,000 mAh that allows it to live with full-screen brightness about 5 hours and can have up to 8 hours resting time with the screen turned off.


There are subwoofers fixed on both sides of these speakers. Total power consumed in this speaker is about 40W. This intelligent speaker offers many options for media streaming. Such as communications with peripheral devices using built-in Bluetooth. Interestingly manufacturer has made it totally portable device by adding wireless charging pad, fully equipped with standard Qi Wireless charging that allows users to charge their mobile phones wirelessly.

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