Samsung Quantum Dot Curved Monitor For CES 2017



Korean giant Samsung is introducing new series of curved monitors CH711 that are specialized for gamers. What’s new in these monitors and at what price and specification it will be going to compete in market? The major difference lies in its quantum dot technology that is well known technology from Samsung. That technology is in comparison can equally produce color matrix and vividness as OLED backlit displays. CH711 monitors are available in different sizes; they range from 27 inches to 31.5 inches.

During January 5 to 8 Samsung will present its new development Quantum Dot curved monitor CH711 at CES 2017 event. It is still unknown the price of this master piece. But it is expected that the sale of product will be started from early next year. These curved monitors will be available with size ranges from 27 "to 31.5". CH711 curved monitors are characterized by a standard curvature of 1800R which provides user to view at wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. Its display matrix resolution is 2560 x 1440 pixels. There are many configuration options available for changing of physical position of monitor.


With a curvature of 1500 R and 360 degree its display can be enjoyed by everyone in the room, It has advanced gaming features, profile settings and calibration settings for best performance. It is offered with a standard aspect ratio of 21:9. With advanced technology of PBP, picture by picture technology it has ability to display content from any connected HDMI or DP source and can move its display on any part of the screen. It is equipped with stand for height adjustment and options with horizontal or vertical positions. Also for simplicity and cleanliness its power socket and HDMI port are kept completely in stand.


The new monitors are equipped with quantum dot technology that is quantum dots that have ability to display vivid colors at 125 percent of sRBG space, which outcomes the clear sharp and more visible smaller details. It s to be worth noting that this quantum dot motor is not the first monitor with this technology, but their first monitor with quantum dot technology has already been launched at IFA in year 2016. Korean company have also displayed the two new upcoming monitors with quantum dot technology , they are UH750 and HF850 monitors with different display sizes and display response time of 1 ms will offer you best display experience. These two gaming monitors will also debut in market in early next year.

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