Low Budget 2.5 Inch SSD Corsair LE200


SSD drives are not just a series of drives but they do offer high efficiency and more economical products. Corsair, one of the leading drive manufacturers has just launched a new series of SSD drives LE200, which is available in two different sizes. Let’s see what they do offer at what price.

1. What capacities are offered by Corsair?

2. Which company manufactured its memory chips?

3. What are data read/write speeds?

4. What is the price for both types of drives?

Not only high-end but also cost effective

Corsair, a leading manufacturer is not only focusing on latest technology but they have also considered budget versions of drives. With the cost effective SSD drives it would be lot easier to upgrade old computer and laptop drives with an investment of just 150 to 200 dollars.


The new Corsair SSD LE200 series drives are available with capacities of 120 and 240 GB. Corsair LE series have a range of capacities of from 120 to 960 GB of space. It has a symbolic significant change in value of TBW (Total bytes written) which has been decreased up to 60 to 30 TBW.

Transfer close to the limit connector

This 2.5 inch drive once again uses TLC NAND memory chips, and STATA 3 interface is once again available and with a thickness of only 7 mm it perfectly fits into every standard laptop. Data read write speeds of 120GB model are as follows: 500-550MB/s for compressed data and 460-470 MN/s for uncompressed data that yields 25 to 65 KIOPS.

The large size drive of 250 GB performs even more better, that is for un compressed data it supports 46-490 MB/s and for compressed data it supports up to 530-560 MB/s with a performance of up to 40 to 77 KIOPS. Thus both of the drives have full potential of utilizing SATA 3 interface capabilities. There is three years warranty available or both of the versions.


It’s a price-efficiency deal.

Corsair has launched these two SSD drives into market in view of cost-capability view in order to fill that space in the market. With these, computers and laptops with old drives with lower speeds can have an easy upgrade by spending only few dollars. Corsair have set price of its 120 GB version of drive at only 6499 dollars which is 10 dollar cheaper than its equivalent LE series of SSD drives. While Corsair offers 240 GB at ony99.99. dollars and wit the comparison of its equivalent series of MP 500 it’s offered at almost half price. Both variants of Corsair drives are available in market.

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