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In our daily life stress over body and mental state disorders are essential. Now there has been an interesting and effective solution for your anxiety. It is small silicon monitoring module that continuously measures your breathing and heart function health. Let’s see, how this gadget provides you a better heath.

1. Lief module consists of which and how many sensors?

2. What real time parameters are measured in this device?

3. How does it help individuals in case of severe stress?

4. Is Smartphone necessary for communications?

Simplified setting module

Lief Therapeutics was founded in San Francisco, before the invention of this device the former idea was shared by four peoples by introducing wearable's for continued measurement of health signals. However the idea of Lief was started fist in 2014, and after few months they have launched the first prototype in market.


The device has physical structure of flat 6.4 mm surface with a flexible panel of rounded shape. The outer surface of module is made from special material hypoallergenic silicon that is medically certified safe health material. It ensures no harm to human body with its continued physical relation with human body. There is sticking plaster that fits it on the chest of human body at the height of human heart for measurement of ECG / EKG standard signals.



The immediate reaction to stress

There are two built-in EKG sensors in Lief, two vibration motors, 3-axis accelerometer, 64 MB of memory for data storage logging and for communication there is Bluetooth version LE. This device operates in coordination with smart phones and its operating principle depends on the continued monitoring of respiratory cycle and heart rhythmic systems and to react in case of irregularities.

It is concerned with the most important measure so called as sinus variability of heart rate (HRV) which describes the precise current state of physical and mental health. When you feel comfortable your heart naturally adds oxygen to the blood and reduces the tiredness and exhaustion. That condition generates a high HRV rate and describes a best physical and mental balance.

Situation in which we do feel uncomfortable and feel stressed our body health parameters changes and gives you a low value of HRV and that’s the point where Leif comes to action. It allows you to exactly match the breathing cycles with the rhythmic vibrations of heart.


It is observed human body is capable of managing the unusual rhythmic actions to a balance within about three minutes. Once it is successfully paired with a Smartphone that could be android or iOS and installing specialized app from we get continuous monitoring of the module sensors and visualize the data collected in the module. There is built-in Lithium polymer battery that can provide you with a backup time of about one week. There is also a micro USB port for charging purpose.

Just like other technology manufacturers Lief is also launched with a professional version in which the built-in memory of device has been increased up to 2 times and device communications have been made advanced, In Pro version you can also communicate with not only Smartphone but with also web or external software’s can be programmed to communicate with this prototype.

Supporting the campaign did not fail

The innovative device is an interesting example of stress relief before it causes acute disorders and takes over control before the need of medical assistance. Because of too dynamic life styles of 21st century stress and anxiety have become the biggest disease of this civilization and this invention is surely going to help and relief the stress symptoms and reduces the damages to health.

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